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Huyghues Despointes

Deydier Hong Kong LTD Philippe Heim
du 3/10 au 16/03 2024
Contemporary Sculptures Exhibition,
Tower b shop 1, 123 Hollywood Rd, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
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Invitation to Laurence Huyghues Despointes' world

« I am looking for the magic that will give birth to the living from the frozen »

The artist expresses herself in various genres without being enslaved to just one: photography, sculpture, jewelry, leather goods.

Creativity and committed choices are part of her work. The photographer's dreamlike eye immortalizes each of her pieces in a play of light and patina until finding the perfect moment.

"One of my artistic commitments involves raising awareness of our interdependence with the ocean and its inhabitants"

Evoking the name of these marine mammals is enough to awaken the imagination, where the polluted work of man clashes in the depths of the sea. In Inuit mythology, cetaceans play a role in the myths of the world's foundation.

Laurence Huyghues Despointes gives central importance to the choice of materials, a perpetual quest, whether they are innovative, ancestral, or recyclable.

Defender of endangered species, the artist will be invited to participate in international meetings dedicated to green innovations alongside eminent speakers.
Jean Louis Borloo, former Minister of Ecology, sponsor of one of the editions.
Raphael Domjan, eco-explorer,
Simon Bernard, founder of Plastic Odyssey,
Bertrand Piccard, pioneer of Solar Impulse,
Sea Proven, oceanic big data, for which the artist will create a sculpture exhibited at the Scientific Director's place at the Foundation of Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Encounters with adventurers of future technology
Jewelry: the expression of beginnings

In the 1990s, Laurence Huyghues Despointes brought to life her very first collection of jewelry-sculptures, a creation imbued with the maritime theme and recycled materials from the sea. These jewels resemble treasures submerged under the waters, carrying within them the essence of waves, shells, and the deep ocean.

Each piece tells a unique story, resulting from an artistic fusion between marine nature and her imagination. This collection marks the beginning of her creative journey, a journey that allows her to explore the infinite depths of art through the beauty of the ocean.

To learn more, we invite you to discover the Figaro article, dating from 2003.

The artist

Huyghues Despointes

Laurence Huyghues Despointes, a self-taught French artist, seeks in her work spaces of freedom, thought, open and independent feelings.

The preservation of marine mammals, majestic creatures in danger, adds a spiritual dimension to his work. Influencinting reality, capturing their souls, making them visible, require days of work and patience, beyond optical choices.

Let's sublimate the harmony between man, nature and technology.







"Art invites reflection"

In this episode, Sophie takes the helm of the Octopus'h to explore our inner and outer world through art.

How does art contribute to humanity's health through movement, emotions, and questioning?

Let's delve into this question by exploring sculpture and whales through the artist Laurence Huyghues Despointes.

Laurence is a nomadic artist. She combines sculpture, photography, and a strong commitment to ecology. Whales, at the heart of her creations, are sculpted with materials that span ages and care for the Ocean's health... Much like these animals, actually!

If there's one message to take from Laurence during this interview, it's that our thoughts traverse the universe. So, to move towards more peace and less conflict, it's high time we stopped thinking in "binary."



The sculptures and photographs are available in limited edition. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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